Why it so special? :) Well, it's about our group project. As you all know, at presentation 40% progress of the website, we are about 80% to completely finish our website. At that time, we are very struggle to finish it 100% but because of time constraints, we abide only by completing 75%. 

Our timeline

After decided the topic of the website:
  • Faizah working on chemistry notes, make it simple but clearly to understand.
  • Ayuni (mommy) working on designing the template of website.
  • Azaref and Rajesh working on theory and strategy to be include in the website.
Website development:
  • Faizah working on notes, tutorial and quiz.
  • Ayuni (mommy) working on database, server, login and discussion forum.
  • Azaref working on video and flash.
  • Rajesh working on download flash and pdf notes.

How we meet each other?
  • Azaref build a group in Facebook. So, we all do an online discussion in Facebook.
  • Meet up at Food Court Jaya Jusco, Taman Universiti or UTM Library.
Azaref as our secretary and he responsible to take notes in every meeting we held.
That's how we working each other...

Mommy very grateful to having them as mommy group members. The important thing, we always helping each other.

Thank You guys! Love u all!

This week we learned about how to publish your website in the internet. Before start the class, Dr Affandy remind us about individual evaluation and discussion on e-learning. Due date to present 100% website is on January. Mommy forgot the date but mommy pretty sure, its early in January. Mommy will update the date A.S.A.P after mommy get the date. Next week (21th December 2011), Dr Affandy will giving us an activity and need us to discuss in e-learning by 9.00pm. So, everyone MUST online at 9.00pm and make the discussion about 30minutes. 

Okey, lets start the class! hehehe...No laaa, mommy just wrote down what mommy learned in the class for this week. As a freelance website developer for 4 years, not all we know even though we had 4years experiences on that. Every single day, we need to improve our knowledge by reading or gaining experience on that. So, from mommy's experiences, before we want to publish our website, we need to explore which company can give a good price to buy the web hosting and domain name. 

What is web hosting?
is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

And what is domain name?
is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. In general, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a personal computer used to access the Internet, a server computer hosting a web site, or the web site itself or any other service communicated via the Internet.

This two are very related. Mommy buy domain name in here --->
and web hosting, mommy forgot. hahaha....Actually, for the first time registered web hosting, mommy need a person to guides mommy. Actually, mommy not expect to having a web hosting at the first place but as a freelance website developer, mommy need to have it. 

With having a web hosting, you can upload your website or system which need a database to store it. You also can transfer the file by using FTP. Besides, with having your own domain name, you can put your name or your company to publish your website...

For more information, you can search at google. :) To get new knowledge, you need to find it by yourself, not only retrieve from others. 
Mommy will continue the special task that Dr Affandy asked us to do in another entry....:)

Urmm, as usual, mommy a bit late to update this blog. Supposedly, mommy writing for entry Week 13. huhuhu! Never mind...Lets check it out what happen during presentation time. 

As u all know, we had a Presentation for 40% progress of the website. Dr Affandy gave an instruction on how to evaluate other group during the presentation. It separate into 3 parts which are Information Design, Interaction Design and Visual Design. And each part has many questions around 5-6 questions. During the presentation, every one of us need to write down our point of view follow the questions that had given.

About our website?

2 major things that need an improvement in our website:
  • Our website lack of constructivism theory on the web
  • MUST put some animation or else to make it more interesting. Not just only text because the student will get bored.
 Overall, we got positive comments from others especially Dr. Affandy...We are so so so happy! Thank you Dr Affandy! 

After finish the class, we discussed how to improve our website. Who are the responsible to do this and this. hehehe...So, excited huh? After this, we focus on individual evaluation a.k.a individual assignment~~~ So, scary. hehehe...

 Ok, that's all for now...

Hai everyone! Today mommy want to story mory about our last discussion on 26th Nov 2011 at Jaya Jusco , Taman Universiti, near to UTM recently. Mommy bring aqil too because mommy's mom going to Melaka to attend wedding. So, we continued our last discussion which is in facebook. We separate the task, who will going to do the report, web, flash, and presentation which is on this incoming Wednesday. We already finish our web, almost 85% overall! So, below are the picture of us...Opps! mommy forgot to tell that Rajesh cannot joined us because his grandmother had past away...Stay strong Rajesh! But don't forget to do your part, ok?

And below is our web site ( Feel free to register as our student okeeeyyyy. hehehe :)

Ok, that's all for now...What mommy can say is, CAN'T WAIT TO PRESENT! hehehe...

Wait wait wait wait....Mommy forgot to say THANK YOU AZAREF. Its really beautiful! Mommy love it so much!

Today is mommy first class after very long holiday mommy had. hahahaha! Okey, before start the class, Dr Affandy reminded us about weekly reflection in blog, our project subject and individual assignment that we need to do. This week is WEEK 10. We are supposedly present 40% our project on WEEK 11. Meaning that, next week we must complete our project at least 40% in progress...Oh my gucci! Mommmy do not realized at all, we are in WEEK 10. How fast the time is moving. Fuhhh...Okeyh Mommy, after class, going home and set your mind to finish all the task quickly. Not only set your mind but DO IT! huhuh...

Today we learned about Visual Design. What the difference between Interaction, Information and Visual Design? It seems similar...Well, the Interaction Design is what user need and feel about it. Visual Design is like sketches, it visualize the design from information gathered and then transform it into real visual by using software. Information Design is like what information that they want to delivered to the customer.

The notes below:

After finish this topic, PRESENTATION TIME~~~~

We present what we had discuss in Week 9. We got 1 comment from other group. She ask,
"Adakah sesuai anda meletakkan banyak text di sebelah kanan itu? Bukankah kanak-kanak lebih sukakan banyak kartun daripada text?"

And this is our answered,
"Seorang kanak-kanak pra sekolah memerlukan bantuan ibu bapa untuk melayari web ini. Oleh itu, kami menyediakan dua cara untuk memudahkan ibu bapa dan juga kanak-kanak. Text di sebelah kanan membantu ibu bapa untuk mencari silibus yang anak-anak pelajari"

Well done babes! Love you all! Hehehe..

Ok, next announcement from Dr Affandy:
Next week, class will be cancel. We have replacement class on 8th December 2011 from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Wow, 6hours straight! Hehehe...Then, prepared an individual evaluation form. To refer how to do the evaluation, here the link--->

That's all for today. This week and next week, we will trying to finish our group project...Hope it run smoothly...

We having discussion at Food Court, Jaya Jusco. We decided to separate the task and of course, mommy will be the person who sketch the webpage. For mommy's group members, here it goes---->

The theory behind that:

Theory: Behaviorism
Learning Stratergy: Exercise, Tutorial, Simulation, Education Games, Problem Solving

We only choose Exercise, Simulation and Education Games and we add Notes to replace Tutorial.

For more details about this sketches, mommy will copy and paste the online discussion we had done in here...Mommy think, it is enough to all of you understand what information delivered from this sketches.

"kite start dari kiri dulu iaitu AKTIVITI

Membaca: ada banyak cerita pilihan yang menarik berkisahkan teladan dan ade dwi bahasa. Di dalamnya ade suara yang akan mengajar adik2 manja membaca seiring dengan tulisan yang diwarnakan apabila perkataan itu disebut.

Menyanyi: banyak pilihan lagu yang menarik berkonsepkan pelajaran, mengajak adik2 manja menyanyi bersama. Minda paling mudah mengingat adalah melalui lagu. Oleh itu, adik2 manja mudah untuk menghafal dan mengingati apa yang dipelajari.

Bermain Muzik:  terdapat piano, seksafon, gitar, drum, casenet untuk dimainkan oleh adik2 manja mengikut nod2 lagu. Ini adalah untuk meningkatkan daya kreativiti adik2 manja dalam mencipta muzik baru dan memperkuatkan daya ingatan. Ini yang di amalkan oleh anak Yahudi...hehehe

Fonik: pembelajaran melalui fonik membantu adik2 manja menyebut dengan betul.

Yg ditengah2 ada 4 modul iaitu Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik dan Sains. Ia berkait rapat dgn subtopik di link sebelah kanan...
Bahasa Melayu terdapat abjad, bentuk, warna, kenderaan & bunyi.

Flow: Katakanla adik2 manja pilih link abjad. Jadi ade nota dan latihan untuk mengenal abjad, menulis abjad berserta bunyi. Terdapat simulasi yg mengajar mereka mengenal n menulis abjad dengan betul. Kemudian, mereka akan diuji semula apa yg diajar melalui games.
Oleh itu, adik2 manja ada 2 cara untuk klik. Yang pertama ditengah2 dan yang kedua di paling kanan.
Ditengah2: adik2 manja hanya perlu klik gambar tu dan akan keluar senarai silibus seperti di sebelah kanan tu mengikut subjek yang dipilihla

Di paling kanan: senarai semua subjek dan silibus untuk memudahkan adik2 manja dan ibubapa mengetahui keseluruhan kandungan yang terdapat dalam laman web ni tanpa perlu klik satu persatu gmbar di tengah-tengah tu.

Betul betul betul...Itu yang aku buat dalam lakaran tu..."

Waaaa~~~ When everyone in the class while listening to Dr Affandy's lecture, mommy and family in the sky. Saw the clouds moving and chit chat with mommy's daughter a long the way... Guess, where we are now? Hahaha...

When we safely arrived at Kelantan, mommy call faizah and azaref, ask them what they learned today. They said, we learned about information design. We need to sketch a kindergarten webpage (Wow! mommy love that. Thank you Dr Affandy!)  We must choose one theory that suitable for kindergaten webpage. Then, explain the learning strategy that we put in our sketches. Okey, maybe it sounds difficult BUT it might be easy after we sit down together and having a discussion. So, we planned to meet up after semester break. 

The notes below: