Why it so special? :) Well, it's about our group project. As you all know, at presentation 40% progress of the website, we are about 80% to completely finish our website. At that time, we are very struggle to finish it 100% but because of time constraints, we abide only by completing 75%. 

Our timeline

After decided the topic of the website:
  • Faizah working on chemistry notes, make it simple but clearly to understand.
  • Ayuni (mommy) working on designing the template of website.
  • Azaref and Rajesh working on theory and strategy to be include in the website.
Website development:
  • Faizah working on notes, tutorial and quiz.
  • Ayuni (mommy) working on database, server, login and discussion forum.
  • Azaref working on video and flash.
  • Rajesh working on download flash and pdf notes.

How we meet each other?
  • Azaref build a group in Facebook. So, we all do an online discussion in Facebook.
  • Meet up at Food Court Jaya Jusco, Taman Universiti or UTM Library.
Azaref as our secretary and he responsible to take notes in every meeting we held.
That's how we working each other...

Mommy very grateful to having them as mommy group members. The important thing, we always helping each other.

Thank You guys! Love u all!


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